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Personalized Scholarship Search

Part of my job is to help parents find scholarships for college. Kim had an unmotivated art student, with little available resources for college. I did a two hour telephone interview with the student, to determine her strengths and interests. Then I spent six more hours searching the internet for available scholarships. I found 34 scholarships and arranged them by due date, with instructions for the student. Because I knew the student so well after the interview, I was able to make suggestions on how to make the process easier. I was also able to find a community college near her home that offered a AA degree in Fine Arts, as a back up plan.

Kim writes: "We're kind of stunned. [Our daughter] is working at a different level this year and has been motivated and shown initiative and good time and stress management. I think it really helped to work with you on scholarships - it gave her some structure and made the whole college thing real."

If you want help searching for scholarships, let me know. I would be glad to help!

Contest Winner!

Joan Purswell was the winner of our drawing to win "A Moment of Peace." Joan was visiting the Christian Heritage Convention in Washington to research homeschooling for her grandchild.

Congratulations, Joan!!