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Strap on Your Auxiliary Brain!

Kevin playing chess

My son Kevin is a chess genius. When he was in high school, he was ranked second in state even though he never had a chess coach like the other kids. Instead of a coach, my husband purchased a high-powered chess program for his Palm Pilot, and he would play Kevin while using the chess program. We used to tease my husband that he was "strapping on his auxiliary brain" when he played with the chess computer in his hand.

Sometimes Moms feel sick with worry about transcripts or course descriptions. If you want to do it yourself, but you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, you can use The HomeScholar as your "auxiliary brain!" We can talk over the phone, and discuss class titles, credit value, course descriptions, grading criteria, and anything else that is wearing you down. I'll give you the brain-power boost, and you can make your own transcript with the information you glean from our discussion. Remember that I don't judge your homeschool or evaluate your children, I'm just here to help if you need me!

US News and World Report
Admittedly Unequal

Many colleges are rejecting women at rates drastically higher than those for men, although engineering is the exception. They recommend that boys emphasize their masculinity and girls consider an engineering major.

The Search for Authenticity

A leading admissions dean explains what colleges really want. It's all about getting the complete picture of a student without packaging by consultants.

Homeschool Blog
Empty Nest Mom Goes to College

A homeschool mom gives us the pros and cons of a community college experience.

Colby Magazine
Late to School

Unschoolers have success with college admissions.

September Reminders

9th Grade:
Plan a rigorous curriculum!
See the ACT College Preparation Plan.

10th Grade:
Consider taking the PSAT "for fun."
Register for the PSAT here.

11th Grade:
Go to a college fair. Register by Sept. 15 to take the PSAT "for real"
Register for the PSAT.

12th Grade:
Start college applications, and take the ACT or SAT. Register for the
ACT or SAT for the first or second time.

Parents: Plan your record keeping strategies for the year, and visit a College Fair.

July and August Contest winners

Lee, Lorrie Flem and daughter at WATCH

Winner of "A Moment of Peace"
WATCH Convention
Lorrie Flem, Publisher
Teach Magazine

At conventions I usually have a gaggle of teenage girls standing around waiting for the drawing. I carefully mixed up the names, and randomly chose one of the girls to draw the winner. I was careful to make sure that the girl turned her back and covered her eyes when she drew. When the girl looked at the winner's name, she screamed, "It's my Mom! Lorrie Flem is my Mom!" She was SO excited! What a thrill for her to choose her own mother as the winner!

Winner of the July
Newsletter Contest
Renée in Garmisch, Germany
"I've been so impressed with the info in the newsletter, that it was certainly something I thought others would benefit from as well," said Renée.

Winner of the August
Newsletter Contest
Karen Davis in North Carolina

Your Turn to Win!
Win "A Moment of Peace" for yourself! You will have the opportunity to win "A Moment of Peace" at the Pacific Northwest Homeschool College Fair October 27, 2007 at CascadiaCommunity College.

Tip for Younger Students

stack of books

Children learn all the time, even when we aren't looking - and even over summer! You might want to "pre-test" your children in some subject areas before you start school next year. For example, Spelling Power offers a placement test for their program, and you can check their spelling level at the beginning of each year, to make sure they are learning something new. In most math books, the first chapter or two is review. You can see if your student really NEEDS the review. You can give the chapter one test on the first day of school, and if your child scores well, just skip chapter one, and move on to the chapter two test. Keep in mind that our goal isn't to "teach" something. Our goal is that our children learn something new - something they don't already know.