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I Hate Literary Analysis - Part 2

The truth is I always felt guilty about not doing literary analysis.... I decided early on that my goal in teaching the Bible was for the kids to LOVE their Bible. So I finally decided that my goal for literature would be the same - teaching them to LOVE literature. I didn't want to "beat the love of books out of them" with analyzing everything.

In retrospect, it all ended up great. They are able to do college literary analysis in their honors "great books" class without a problem, and getting A's. Great 20/20 hindsight, but at the time I really stressed over "reading comprehension" more than just about anything else.

Keeping the focus on "love of learning" is so hard, though, when you are faced with a kid who may only answer "fine" when you ask them about their reading :-)


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Linda said...

This is good to know, Lee, because I have worrying over this lately. I was thinking of buying the Teaching the Classics DVD set and just letting Landon watch it himself. LOL! I have 3 other children (13, 9 and 2!!!) besides him. I cannot do it all!

The HomeScholar said...

Hi Linda,
Great news - NOBODY can do it all, LOL! I think the DVD set sounds like a great solution. We spent on year in English doing "Learn to Write the Novel Way." It covers setting, characters, etc., and I think that was all the literary analysis they needed. I always *wanted* to have those great and meaningful book discussions that others talked about, but it just didn't happen for us!