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Only "Actual Teachers" Should Read This!

A virtual school had an advertisement with a parent testimonial stating:

"We have found the K12 curriculum to be far above anything we could have done on our own, plus we have the added advantage of an actual teacher for help"

Don't be fooled! Homeschooling parents ARE actual teachers - the best possible teachers for their children.

That same virtual school had another advertisement that said:

"Student/student interaction is also actively encouraged, so (this virtual school's) students are always well-educated and well-socialized."

In my opinion, any group that worries about children being "well-socialized" are NOT homeschooling groups. It's one of those "ah ha" statements that really indicates a lot about a group. Any time someone tells you that you need a classroom experience to be "well-socialized" you can confidently stand your ground. Be polite, but firm, and explain that your homeschooled children ARE well-socialized, and they didn't need a classroom environment to get that way. Friends and family, people of all ages, and the normal comings and goings of your life provide all you need to "socialize" your children.

Remember: you ARE an "actual teacher!"

Remember: you are providing your children with all the social skills they need to shine in this world.



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Yvonne said...

Amen, Lee!

The HomeScholar said...

Amen and Amen, Yvonne! I feel like I could write a BOOK on this alone!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my sides hurt from laughing. How lucky they must feel to have an "actual" teacher.

Sisterlisa said...

I agree! I had someone tell me that my kids 'need to be around other kids in order to learn how to get along with others' and I replied,"You think having four children in the same house all day means they don't learn how to get along?" Yes they certainly DO learn to socialize and get a long. With supervision from mom and dad guiding them through HOW to have conversations without bullying and belittling. That can't happen in school because the teacher can not effectively monitor the conversations of every child throughout the day. Nor do they have time to stop the day and have some counseling time with the children.